Living Life Endless



Our Vision

Our aim at New Born & Child Care Centre is to provide excellent care for the fetus, newborn and children so that none of them is deprived of a tertiary care facility.

Our Mission

The measure of our success story is in the number of happy faces.

Our Values

Care, Commitment and Compassion


New Born & Child Care for Children and Women today reflects a decade plus history of dedicated patient care, pioneering procedures, visionary leadership and most importantly strong community support. We would like to walk you through some of the most significant events in our 17+ years’ history of patient care & commitment to your wellness. We are constantly learning, striving towards maintaining excellence and building on our past, and are poised for continued growth and innovations in the years ahead.

Awards & Recognitions

At New Born & Child Care, we pursue excellence, innovation, dedicated patient care, cutting edge medical technologies, treatments & procedures with rigor. We believe that competing for awards, recognitions, merits and accolades is not just about winning, it is about understanding how well we are doing and is a direction guide for how we can do it even better. We have been recognized as one of the most advanced, super specialty tertiary care clinic for Women and Children in the state and the quality of our work is often recognized by influential organizations and media institutions. Among many things, we have won accolades for exceptional patient outcomes, dedicated patient care and patient centric approach and leadership. Here are some of the awards and recognitions New Born & Child Care has garnered over the years since its inception in 1999.


  • Children’s Health

Our goal is to provide comprehensive pediatric health care for your child all under one roof, while helping you make informed decisions about preventive health and safety.

  • General Pediatrics

The Department of General Pediatrics is committed to improve the health of children in our society by modelling the best practices of general Pediatrics and promoting the role of the general paediatrician as a provider of primary health care doctor for children and their families with” Care, Commitment and Compassion”.

Our vision is to continue to thrive to be the best centre of general Pediatrics in the State.

Why Choose Us?

As a centre to care for and heal infants, children and women, we define ourselves as a community health provider with patient-centric care and value for money to all sections of society. Being dependable is the key and as people approach us with their medical needs, it becomes increasingly essential for us to cater to their trust first than to anything else. We highly identify with the needs of the patients and respond in the same vein and promptness. Perhaps this is what gives the feel of a home away from home and our patients feel like a family with us, for we reflect the same amount of our DNA, We are there for you anytime and Being with you in times of your critical needs.



We wish to inform you that Vaccination Services for your children are available at our clinic. Although the schedule of the vaccines may differ in different part of the country, the vaccines given are mostly the same

Children are highly susceptible to catching infections and diseases, especially in their early years. This is because their immune system – which is the body’s defence system against infection-causing microorganisms (pathogens) – is not fully developed yet.

Some pathogens can overwhelm the immune system, and when this happens, the child falls sick. It is usually the pathogens that cannot be recognized by the body that lead to problems.

The Keys to a New Future for Special Children

New Born & Child Care Clinic caters to some of the regular child health issues dealing with prevention & immunization, emergencies & contingencies, first-aid, nutritional support, physiotherapy, occupational learning and regular OPD.

The Children who Break New Ground

Equipped with advanced technology, the paediatric intensive care at clinic is well designed not only to improve the chances of survival but also speed up the recovery process. With the best and innovative medical equipment, we also aim to relieve pain and suffering in the most caring and respectful manner.

Diet & Nutrition Of New born

A diet for newborns may vary from infant to infant, depending on the traditions and customs of the family he or she is born into, as well as on their particular tastes and allergies, if any. The different stages that go into infant nutrition, though, follow the same pattern across the world.