Virtual Clinic

In this virtually connected, highly mobile world at times personal scheduling of appointments can be challenging. And yet that shouldn’t deprive you of the best medical care.

Virtual Clinic is a way to bring pediatric care to the location & time that suits you best. You could be travelling or tied up with your schedule – wherever and whenever – simply log-in and have access to medical care.With state-of-the-art technology we make these virtual interactions as real as possible for  you. Thus, you have for yourself the best of both worlds. Virtual Clinics help you overcome the challenges of distance & time.

 Additionally, they provide comfort & convenience –   everything at the click of a button.


Most frequent questions and answers

A virtual clinic is an online video consultation with our doctors. Due to time & distance, it may be difficult for you to physically travel to hospital. Virtual clinics allows you to speak to doctors and seek appropriate medical care without the hassle of traveling in person.

As a start, New Born & Child Care Clinic will cater to Pulmonology cases for children. This includes conditions such as chest congestion, bronchitis, cough, cold and other related ailments. Soon the number of specialties covered by Virtual Clinics will be expanded to include more child-related specialties.

No. There is no difference in terms of the medical advice provided and our commitment to our patients. However, the lack of physical check and technological limitations can make a difference in some cases. The doctor will provide you with an advisory to visit in person should there be a need to do so.

You can share your medical reports & history prior to the consultation by scanning and emailing them to include your name, consultation time and date in the email for easy reference.

Virtual Clinics will be available via Skype. The patients must have a Skype connection and a working internet connection to access our Virtual Clinic. At the time of Appointment, the patient’s Skype ID must be mentioned and at the date & time of the appointment Doctor will initiate a video call.

Please note, you must have a valid login & password for Skype. You must be signed in and be available online at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Skype allows you to upload & send scanned documents during the call and this can be used to share reports & past medical history.

No. The Virtual Clinic is an extended service/facilitation provided by our clinic. It does not replace or reduce the importance of the regular clinics and consultations.

We encourage you to pick a time & date of your convenience such that cancellations are avoided. However, we do understand your obligations. Please inform the concerned representative of your unavailability and schedule the appointment for a later date.